Pensive, dreamy rock. Beta Days is the one-man project of songwriter, recordist and multi-instrumentalist Bill Bierce.


After a 4 year stint recording and touring nationally with Boston rock outfit The Wandas, Bierce realized he was never going to be satisfied simply playing drums in someone else's band. He decided to go it alone, leaving the group to start from scratch, writing and recording everything himself.

An intense writing phase ensued in which Bierce adapted a nocturnal lifestyle. Sessions would start around 3 AM, as it was the only time neighboring bands at his practice space weren’t around to drown him out. Isolation and lack of sleep began to wear down, and at several points Bierce began to seriously question everything. Depression and stagnancy ensued over many months, but eventually there was enough material to record a proper full-length LP. 

With his friend Andrew Grant (H. Stone) hitting record and providing reinforcement during Bierce’s many breakdowns, S.T.T. (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday - an acronym for the days of the week they would record) was recorded throughout 2015 in Grant’s private studio in Rhode Island.

Sadly, Bierce's mother passed away during the album's mixing, while simultaneously his father occupied a long-term hospice stay from a head wound which had left him in a vegetative state a few years prior. Everything had once again been cast into doubt, but Bierce stayed the course and completed the record mid-2016. The end result is a 9-song, 41-minute hazy reflection on idealized youth, relationships, isolation, and the drudgery of adult life. All of this is presented through a prism of evasive lyrics and tightly arranged instrumentation, leaving the listener to draw their own meanings from the songs. 

Bierce expanded the project into a live band shortly after completing the record, including his ex-Wandas bandmate Keith McEachern on bass. The group has enjoyed the contrast of raw energy the more guitar-oriented live performances take on. Bierce plans to follow up S.T.T. with new music in 2017.